Lagoa dos Patos. One of the reasons why I lived in Flores, the most remote of the Azores Islands. For two months and frequent rain. Often, my runs had a detour of 800 metres. In the forest. That covered the view of the Atlantic in the background, laminated by the sun and gratitude. Pelting down, waterfalls appear. Countless, threadlike. And the lake, which welcomes them with temperance, inhabited by that one solitary bird. I photographed Lagoa dos Patos. As if it wasn’t before my eyes. But still the dreamy idea that I had before arriving in Flores. After seeing the images on Google, and that I now wanted to replicate, overcome. Photographing therefore not a place, but the hope that preceded it, which compromised it of a mystical beauty. The place came after the idea, not vice versa. On August 29, I photographed Lagoa dos Patos. Many times, in search of a photo compendium. That I did not get. In its place, several pictures, among them similar. With slight differences, which I have warmed to.