Run, get stronger, look at the way the body changes, think about achievement, I can quantify progress – have you become a better artist with the last painting you made? (You’ve got a bigger show and your work has become smaller…) I have ideas at the gym, some people think I don’t take this seriously. They look at me and ask: how do you have time to go to the gym? I should ask them “how do you have time to go to the studio to make your sculptures?” Well, I WALK THREE HOURS A DAY I TRAIN AND I PUT MUSIC AND IMAGES TOGETHER WHILE I DO SO AND THIS IS WORK FOR ME. I walk down the streets of Naples but I feel that I can’t release tension, everyone else and I are moving at a different tempo, here I understand my mode of production. Everything is moving slower, and connecting image to image makes me sick. I look at the way people move here, I struggle with my own identity and belonging. When you grow up in Naples you're told you're Italian and European, but everything here feels so removed from both. I feel urgency in people's movements. There’s a crazy sense of redemption in specific objects, clothes and gestures: staged to aspire to a certain class status and power. What you wear and how you move is both the way to and the result of that. I need to shut this out, I run as fast as I can on my Sportcity motorbike, (because I can) because no one in the world can and needs to drive a SH, Sportcity or T-max the way we in Naples do, desperately searching for something immediate (only we are so good at). I've got to go deeper, demonstrate it.