These sounds have been generated by the activity of a person’s brain during sleep, and they are an excerpt from a longer track produced during a performance held in the spaces of Marsèlleria in Milan in April 2016, in the context of my personal exhibition “Sparkling Matter.” The performance was an experiment on translation and harmony with the electrochemical activity of the brain during phases of sleep. The frequencies were captured through a brain scan and, in real time, processed by software, and hence converted into audible harmonies. The extract refers to the time that starts just before the REM sleep phase, during which dreams occur and in which brain activity reaches the highest intensity peaks, and then continue in phase one, towards drowsiness. These sounds emerge from the inseparable bond between a human subject and a digital structure. The states of “other” consciousness that we go through during sleep – that is, their unknowable mysticism – are the human and organic parts of these sounds: which manifest  activity through electrochemical impulses and in their continuous change, according to the characteristics of phases of sleep, behavior, and the attitude of the dream context. The digital structure that performs the transformation into voice and sound is thus the language of these states, that are also silent.