Alessandro Di Pietro (Messina, b. 1987) is an artist who lives and works in Milan. His practice focuses on the processes of normalization and deviation from the standard, both in terms of  matter and language. Among his most recent projects, “NEW VOID” (2013-2014) and “A Zed and Two Noughts – Project” (2014-2015) operate within the grammar of film, trying to develop new narrative strategies or proto-narrative devices like “Tomb Writer” (Solve et Coagula) (2016) and DOWNGRADE VAMPIRE (2016). In 2016, Alessandro presented his work both in solo exhibitions, such as "NEW VOID” at La Rada, Locarno; and “TIZIANO E GIORGIONE” (with Michele Gabriele) at Barriera, Turin; and in group shows such as "The Habit of A Foreign Sky" at Futuredome, Milan; and “THE ONE MINUTES - Making Hybrids” (selected by Janis Rafa) at EYE Film Institute, Amsterdam.