The Infinite Flesh is a digital low relief, a saturated a-dimensional mass with Greek-digital features.   It is a dull and smooth Monochrome, but at some points there are irregularities in the orographical surface of the scroll. The roughnesses seem protrusions or carved forms, but their depth is illusory. If the monochrome was alive and conscious, the streaks on its body would be self-inflicted cuts. The sores would bring to mind the practice of scarification, tattooing, and the epidermal system, as if to imitate the body of human beings that, like him, were never enough. Intervening on the epidermis of your body can be an action designed to complete the form imposed by nature at birth, revealing with a nonverbal language one’s own personal history, or it can be a time for purification from one’s demons or inner fears. In both instances, the visibility of the action carried out on the most external part of each becomes a concealment strategy.