14 ⁄ 10 ⁄ 2012

You are a sensory tightrope walker but, thanks to this warm wind you don’t fall. It will be a nice dive, can the waves be seen from the satellite?



21 ⁄ 10 ⁄ 2012

The scratch on my chest is finally healing. It's shaped like a lepidopter, a fickle flake always confetti.



26 ⁄ 10 ⁄ 2012

There’s a trick in the twilight




I think its very important to remember that driving home this morning I crashed my bike. And I'm serious, I hurt my elbow and everything else. But. I was lying on the asphalt and there I remained for half an hour to watch my signs that were the moon and the stars that are deceitful, I miss them so much and you, you missed it, and I swear it bothers me.




in the end I slide a finger, then I push and I see what happens.




Share secrets. Open your guts and prey on masters. Shed your recognizability and never fall into the imagery.




I grabbed the pen with the tender part behind my knee. In the time of misty drawing. The dripping one, remember?